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Low Carbon Transport News

On 26 September 2017, UNIDO and SANEDI’s Low Carbon Transport Project in South Africa (LCT-SA) hosted a Workshop on Smart Mobility for Cities in Cape Town, endorsed by The City of Cape Town’s Transport and Urban Development Authority. The workshop saw 15 Speakers sharing on a number of Smart Mobility topics addressing existing urban mobility challenges, smart energy for mobility, the potential of electromobility in the country, financing future mobility, innovation in transport, smart freight mobility practices, policy direction for sustainable transport and mobility as a service. The Workshop allowed for discussions on each presented topic with the intent of highlighting the smart mobility solutions that can be implemented through South African Municipalities with the support of National Governments and private sector organisations to improve sustainable development in urban environments.

30th Electric Vehicle Symposium & Exhibition video

UNIDO’s Low Carbon Transport Project, co-implemented by SANEDI, recently embarked on an electric vehicle empowerment mission to participate in the 30th Electric Vehicle Symposium and Expo (EVS30) this October Transport Month. The project supported two South African speakers who were selected to present their research papers under the “industrialization and market - the sustainable path to electromobility” theme at the Symposium. A delegation of government officials representing entities with a vested interest in the electromobility industry were also invited to engage on and experience new trends and possible uses of electric power transmission in cities.

WesBank South African Car of the Year Event

WesBank Car of the year,CEO Presentation

Durban Workshop on Sustainable Transport & Mobility for Cities

SANEDI’s Cleaner Mobility Programme together with the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation hosted a workshop seminar on sustainable transport and mobility for cities in Durban on the 30th of March 2017. This workshop was presented with the aim of highlighting the benefits of using electrified mobility powered by renewable energy. The objectives of the workshop included: Enlightening members of the sustainable transport fraternity in South Africa; sharing the current policy developments for sustainable transport use and operations; discussing the environmental benefits of including electric vehicles in South Africa’s transportation modal mix; offering insights to the various types of transport modes available and those suitable for city commuting and public services; proposing methods to include green vehicles into local government fleets; discussing the possibilities of converting a fleet to electric drive vehicles through other initiatives; demonstrating macroeconomic factors to better understand how the introduction of electrified transport modes could add value to the economy of the city and South Africa at large.

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