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Cool Surfaces Project Background

SANEDI is mandated to research innovative renewable and energy efficient solutions that reduce the country’s carbon footprint. In 2013, the then South African Department of Energy entered into an agreement with USA Department of Energy under the auspices of the GSEP - Global Cool Cities Alliance (GCCA) to establish a Cool Surfaces Programme in South Africa. SANEDI was entrusted with establishing the project in South Africa. SANEDI entered into a collaborative partnership with the USA Global Cool Cities Alliance. To this end SANEDI has developed and is implementing the formal Cool Surfaces Project.

SANEDI and PEER Africa

Cooler homes at lower cost

A settlement in the Western Cape is set to enjoy cooler homes this year thanks to a passive cooling project undertaken by the South African National Energy Development Institute (SANEDI) in partnership with the Thermal Insulation Products and Systems Association SA (TIPSASA).

The project aims to measure the combined temperature reduction achievable when using cool-coated roofs in conjunction with insulation, to make living conditions more comfortable in the heat of South Africa’s sunny days.
SANEDI’s Denise Lundall, Project Officer Energy Efficiency Cool, explains: “Cool roofing entails the application of heatreflective coating to roofs, which then aids in lowering the indoor temperature. A much-needed application to bring relief to those living under corrugated metal roofing that can reach temperatures of 65°C or more in the summer. Global research has shown that used in conjunction with insulation, cool roofs achieve significantly better results.”
Thermal insulation has been mandatory since 2011. Most areas in South Africa average more than 2 500 hours of sunshine per year and the annual 24-hour global solar

radiation average in South Africa is one of the highest in the world. Thermal insulation acts as a barrier to heat flow or heat transfer, whereas cool-coated roofs prevent absorption of the heat by means of solar reflectance, reducing heat transfer to the interior. “Combining cool coatings with insulation provides a cost-effective and more efficient cooling solution,” says Lundall
Research done in other countries has led SANEDI to urge the same research locally. SANEDI in partnership with TIPSASA, a strong industry body leading the way for passive heating and cooling across the country, have started the roll out in the Masonwabi settlement. “This area will not only benefit from cooler homes, but also gain work experience as the project hires and trains local unemployed people, offering them an artisans’ certificate and a wealth of experience,” concludes Lundall.

Thermal insulation acts as a barrier to heat flow or heat transfer, whereas cool-coated roofs prevent absorption of the heat by means of solar reflectance, reducing heat transfer to the interior.

Project Selection

SANEDI Project Selection is in support of the SA National Energy Strategic Plan priorities.

Strategic objective Strategic statement
Industry support and capacity building. Support industry stakeholders towards achieving improved EE
Objective: Accelerated adoption of EE solutions to optimize the use of finite resources

Aims, objectives, technology research and promotion adjust to effectively address South Africa’s EE needs. In the 2019/2010 financial year, the Cool Surfaces Project seeks to assist in the achievement of addressing the following needs, starting in public-owned, low-income communities located in high heat zones:

  • Social and environmental deterioration. Excessive heat due to accumulative urban heat island effect (UHIE) is relieved by reduction in human thermal comfort and local ambient temperature. UHIE, exacerbated by coal-fired power station GHG emission pollution, conflicts with South Africa’s international commitments to mitigation of global climate change.
  • Exacerbated poor health due to heat especially for infirm, elderly and infant residents with limited access to and affordability of adequate health services - can be alleviated immediately. The thermal comfort allows residents to occupy their homes during the hottest part of the day, improved concentration and health recovery treatment. Heat stroke and dehydration have been major health concerns.
  • Lack of access to cooling technology is alleviated with Cool Roofs- it is the least expensive but most effective cooling technology in South Africa. Planting trees is too lengthy and water intensive for relief in energy and water scarce communities.
  • Capacity building: Lack of employment opportunities due to low education or useful training skills assisted by professional, certified applicator training providing needed future job opportunities.
  • Opportunities: Learned helplessness with few opportunities to progress. Temporary job creation and a boost from wages for the project duration, will give sufficient supervised experience to create sustainable jobs within the community. (Applicators and possible new markets for cool coating product distributors.)

Cool Surface Roadmap

Summary of Cool Surfaces Project Roadmap

  • a) Cool Surfaces Definition & SABS adoption of Standards
  • b) Selection of Products Available
  • c) Pilot Projects and Data Collection
  • d) Training of workforce and Education
  • e) Establishment of Industry Association
  • f) EE Building Benchmarking and Simulation Modelling
  • g) Implement Large scale project
  • h) Establish Building Envelope EE Testing Laboratory at SABS
  • i) Third Party Independent Testing
  • j) Third Party Independent SABS Rating
  • k) Certified Labelling
  • l) Establishment of CS Database of all rated products
  • m) Establishment of open source CS Studies Database Platform


Please contact below manufacturers for quotes and closest distribution supplier of their products.

PLEASE NOTE – the suppliers below are listed in alphabetical order and not any order of merit.

1. AGET African Green Energy Technologies

Contact: Pavel Parks
Milenium Solutions -EnviroCoats
Tel: +27 72 324 7245

2. Genkem (Santex) – Intl owned, local distributor

Contact: Donald Perry
Tel: +27 82 6533 475

3. Superior Coatings Pty Ltd – Intl owned, local distributor

Superior Products Europe
Contact: George M Thomson
Tel: +27 (0) 825600766

4. Topps Products – Intl owned, local distributor

Contact: James Thomas
Mobile: +16623124044.

5. Verdacy

Contact: Mfundo Nkosi
Tel: +27(0)10 312 6108
Mobile: +27(0)73 272 3427

6. Wilcote Franchising CC - RSA owned and distribution

Contact: Will Rogers
Postal address: PO Box 272, Ballito, 4420
Tel: +27 32 942 2022/ +27 32 942 2023