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Renewable Energy Centre of Research and Development

About us

South Africa is demonstrating its commitment to a more sustainable future growth path by supporting renewable energy and energy efficiency measures, together with skills development and job creation through fostering a green economy.

South Africa is among the highest emitters of carbon dioxide in the world, currently ranked 12th in terms of top emitters per capita, since more than 75% of primary our energy requirement is derived from fossil fuels.

The country responded to the urgent need to reduce fossil fuel dependency, diversify the energy mix and supply and reducing the country’s carbon footprint with a supportive policy and legislative framework to exploit the excellent local renewable energy resources, especially wind and solar.

South Africa’s renewable energy sector experienced explosive growth in the past few years with investment of more than $5.5 billion in 2012, up from $30 million in 2011- representing an impressive increase of 20,500%.

The rapid investment growth over the past two years made South Africa the ninth-leading destination for clean energy investment among the Group of 20 (G-20) of the world’s developed and emerging economies – this after occupying the last spot in 2011.

South Africa’s leading position has been secured through a supportive policy environment, coupled with a secure investment framework established by the Department of Energy’s (DoE) Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Procurement Programme or REI4P.

RECORD Mission

To be recognised as the foremost institution for renewable energy research coordination and collaboration in SA.


The South African National Energy Development Institute (SANEDI) was established by the National Energy Act, 2008 (No 34) as a successor to the previous South African National Energy Research Institute (Pty) Ltd (SANERI) and the National Energy Efficiency Agency (NEEA) (a division of CEF (Pty) Ltd). SANEDI is a Schedule 3A Public Entity as of 31 December 2010, operationalised on 1 April 2011. Its mandate is to serve as a catalyst for sustainable energy innovation, transformation and technology diffusion in support of South Africa’s sustainable development. RECORD supports the mandate of SANEDI within the Renewables programme.

Collaboration and co-ordination renewable energy research in South Africa

In line with the legislative mandate of SANEDI, RECORD provides limited funding for applied renewable energy research conducted at tertiary institutions in South Africa. To ensure efficient use of limited research funds, RECORD coordinates renewable energy research according to national priorities and stakeholder objectives. RECORD aims to foster collaboration between renewable energy research and development stakeholders having common goals. This is achieved through collaborative funding and sharing of resources to ensure that applied research is not duplicated within the same field. RECORD strongly supports the formation of theme-focussed research clusters where trans-institutional cooperation, sustaining broad focus areas in renewable energy topics, is addressed.

Contribute to renewable energy skills development RECORD recognises the importance of skills development to service the growing renewable energy sector in South Africa and cooperates with a variety of actors who provide training at different levels.


To facilitate renewable energy research coordination, collaboration and dissemination of national and international renewable energy knowledge contributing towards a sustainable low carbon energy future.

RECORD website –

The RECORD website provides a wealth of information about RECORD programmes, networking opportunities and resources. There are informative documents, upcoming events, sector opportunities, a student networking platform and exciting news articles regularly uploaded. Also, make sure you subscribe to our mailing list to be kept informed of all the exciting RECORD updates and news.

RECORD Renewable Energy Research Excellence AWARD.

RECORD, in partnership with the South African National Energy Association (SANEA), offers an annual RECORD Renewable Energy Research Excellence (RERE) award. This exciting award recognises the contribution of upcoming researchers and novel renewable energy research in South Africa. The award includes two categories of merit: • Up-and-coming, young researcher; • Most promising research leading to commercial application; Nominations may be made through SANEA in response to the awards call for which SANEDI is a platinum sponsor, these awards are presented at a prestigeous prize giving function. Contact Dr Karen Surridge-Talbot ( for more information.


Our Team

Dr Thembakazi Mali

Senior Manager : Renewable Energy Programme

Dr Karen Surridge-Talbot

Centre Manager

Khothatso Mpheqeke

Project Officer

Marlett Balmer

Senior Energy Advisor, SAGEN

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