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welcome to SASGI

The National Energy Act, 2008 (Act No. 34 of 2008), Section 7 (2) amongst other, mandates SANEDI to direct, monitor and conduct energy research and development as well as to undertake measures to promote energy efficiency throughout the South African economy.

Therefore, in the context of this Act, SANEDI through one of its Portfolios, the Smart Grid programme, developed the South African Smart Grid Initiative (SASGI) and it’s supporting Work Groups. SASGI developed the Smart Grid vision for South Africa, and is presently working with industry to provide policy inputs, address the gaps in standards and in the deployment and application of technology.

During the year 2012, SANEDI setup the South African Smart Grid Initiative (SASGI). This initiative was made-up of industry stakeholders within the Electricity Distribution Industry (EDI). Its main objectives amongst others, was to draw on industry expertise, developed a Smart Grid vision for the industry and create a platform for knowledge sharing.

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