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Energy Efficiency

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Energy Efficiency

These efforts are reflected through a number of examples which support the notion of co-operative governance, innovation and cost-effective solutions that include the work SANEDI is executing in collaboration with its stakeholders by implementing projects such as Standards and Labelling of Appliances, National Energy Efficiency Hub, bigEE and 12L Income Tax Incentive among many other energy efficiency projects. These projects are tackled in partnership with both international and national stakeholders who contribute extensively in funding and knowledge support. Of these critical projects, bigEE and 12L Income Tax Incentives are the leading in terms of implementation.

Bridging Information Gap of Energy Efficiency in Buildings (bigEE)

bigEE is an international initiative of research institutes for technical and policy advice and public agencies in the field of energy and climate, co-ordinated internationally by the Wuppertal Institute of Germany and implemented nationally by South African National Energy Development Institute (SANEDI). Its aim is to develop the international web-based knowledge platform called for energy efficiency in buildings, building-related technologies, and appliances in the world’s main climatic zones.

The platform informs users about energy efficiency options and saving potentials, net benefits and how policy can support achieving those savings. Targeted information is paired with recommendations and examples of good practice. To ensure that there is targeted, quick and easy access, information about buildings, appliances and policies is presented in three different intuitive guides.

The declared goal, and a distinctive feature of bigEE, is to address decision makers, being private or public investors as well as policy makers in administration and parliament. The processing and presentation of information via is focused towards the background and practical needs of these target groups. These needs are grouped in terms of appliances and building categories.

Appliances Category

To date, the South African component of bigEE that is implemented by SANEDI has consolidated an extensive data on the best available technologies in the appliances sector of South Africa. The project has collected data depicting the efficiency level of the most purchased and used appliances in the country. The data informs on the highest level of efficiency at which the appliances are found in the entire country but further indicates possible improvements on the efficiency.

The data provides information on the most inefficient and most efficient appliances of particular technologies so that consumers may be able to make comparison amongst similar technologies.

    Following is the list of appliances from which the efficiency data was collected:

  • Geysers
  • Ovens
  • Air Conditioners
  • Fans
  • Television
  • Pool pumps
  • Washing Machines
  • Refrigerators
  • Washer Dryer
  • Dishwashers

In-depth detailed information pertaining the best efficiency levels of these technologies and which are the most recommended is obtainable from


    In addition to the appliances, the page reflects provides policy data on appliances covering the following policy topics:

  • Residential Mass Rollout Program
  • 12L Tax Policy information
  • SANS 10400XA
  • Solar Water Heater rebate program
  • An overall South African Policy package

Further information on best available technologies in other appliances and policies is available on the web and addition is data on the best available technologies in buildings.



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