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The South African National Energy Development Institute (SANEDI) was established in 2011 under the National Energy Act, 2008 (Act No. 34 of 2008). The Act provides for SANEDI to direct, monitor and conduct energy research and development, promote energy research and technology innovation as well as undertake measures to promote energy efficiency throughout the economy.

SANEDI’s focus is mainly developing innovative, integrated clean energy and resource efficient solutions that aim to catalyse growth and prosperity. As technologies develop and mature, opportunities for innovative energy solutions that can make a meaningful contribution are becoming increasingly relevant for improving energy access and lowering the country’s carbon footprint.

SANEDI operates in a global context shaped by several megatrends including climate change, urbanisation, demographic shifts, Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) and growing inequalities. We have shaped programmes of action and have adopted three themes to strengthen and drive our mandate. The themes are: Climate Change and Decarbonisation, Service Delivery within the Municipal Environment, and Information Knowledge (Data and Knowledge Management) and Technological Convergence.

SANEDI’s energy development agenda is a key part of our country’s energy journey. SANEDI’s portfolio of initiatives are closely attuned to technology advancements, declining technology costs and continued innovation in the energy sector. As a whole, these can enable South Africa to take full advantage of our energy resources and the associated infrastructure development as a vehicle for economic growth, industrialisation, employment creation and sustainable development.

Dr Zwanani Titus Mathe

Chief Executive Officer

Energy efficiency this winter
Dr Zwanani Titus Mathe

Our Vision

Sustainable living for growth and prosperity in Africa.

Our Mission

Using applied energy research and resource efficiency to develop innovative, integrated solutions that will catalyse growth and prosperity.

Our Values


Creative / proactive / taking charge / initiative / adaptive / entrepreneurial.


Honest / ethical / accountable / transparent / responsible / trustworthy / respectful.

Scientific evidence driven

Analytical / rational / objective / factual / attentive.

Development oriented

Educative / continuous learning / transformative.


Consultative collaborative / participative / teamwork / engaging.


Punctual / cost conscious / disciplined / compliant.


Courteous / friendly / client need driven / client focused.


Compassionate / empathy / emotionally intelligent.

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